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Our Vintage Cutlery ...

We have a range of solid sterling silver rings created from original vintage solid sterling spoons, and teaspoon earrings from vintage original silver plated teaspoon handles. The knife bell pendants are made from original vintage hollow knife handles. Some of the cutlery pieces we use are well over 100 years old. Oh the tales they could tell!

A large portion of our range also includes silver plated spoon rings and bracelets.

Much of our cutlery I have brought in from the USA as it is so difficult to find decorative vintage cutlery here in New Zealand. We have beautiful old patterns that you may not have seen before.

Covid however, has made it extremely difficult for me to source cutlery out of the USA due to ongoing postal issues. A lot of my vintage cutlery pieces are very low on stock, or currently unavailable. I hope to have more success in 2022 with getting cutlery into NZ.



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